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5 Earthwork Services You Might Need

Every construction project, no matter how large or small, includes a long list of complicated tasks that must be completed. Outsourcing many of these jobs can save time and money, and here’s a quick look at some of the construction takeoff and earthwork services you might need.

1. Excavation

When we talk about earthwork services, excavation immediately springs to mind and there are many different types of excavation that you may need on any given construction project. Topsoil excavation and stripping tend to be the first excavation services you need for a project, but rock excavation, muck excavation and earth excavation also are crucial tasks. Rock and muck excavation may or may not be needed, but as these are highly specialized types of excavation, so outsourcing these earthwork services can be an excellent idea.

2. Clearing & Demolition

Actually, let’s back up a bit. While excavation is an early part of the construction process, you may need to have a few items cleared-up, so to speak, before other earthwork services can commence. For instance, if your work site includes existing structures, you’ll need a demolition crew to come in and remove these structures. Likewise if you site includes a plethora of trees and other growth, this will need to be cleared before excavation can begin.

3. Soil Testing

Ok, let’s back up even further. Once you’ve identified a potential construction site, soil testing is going to be one of the very first tasks before you even begin any planning. Completion of moisture content testing, dry density testing, specific gravity testing and so forth, are essential in order to understand the quality of soil. Even if there’s a structure on site, this doesn’t mean that the soil is perfect for construction, and you need to know what you will be working with before you break ground.

4. Dirt Estimates

As far as “earthwork services” go, this is where EarthCalc comes into the picture. We’ve been providing top-quality, precise dirt estimates for our clients for more than 30 years. Our clients include civil engineers and contractors and we can come in at any stage of a project. We often come in during the design process and bidding process, as well as the grading phase or we can simply come in and double-check dirt estimates for a particularly complex project. We’ve handled dirt estimates for clients around the world and for small projects as well as large and highly complicated projects.

5. Machine Control Files

This is another of our areas of expertise. If you’ve completed the bidding process and are ready to start grading, we can help. We can provide you with highly precise machine control files for your Trimble, Topcon or AGTEK machine control system.

Whether you need dirt estimates or machine control files, sending us work is quick and easy. Simply go to our homepage and click on the Send Us Work tab. For machine control files, just fill out our quick contact form and attach a PDF file with your project plans. For dirt estimates, we are able to work with many different file formats, including CAD files, PDFs and more. You can email files under 20MB directly to us or you can send us a link to your FTP or file transfer site.

Our earthwork services team will email you to indicate that we’ve received your file, and then we will review it quickly to provide you with an estimate of the cost and turnaround time of the project. Every project is unique, some are more complicated than others, but we do everything we can to fit easily within in your time frame, and rush services also may be available upon request.