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The Advantages Of Cut And Fill Software

The cut and fill process typically is one of the first steps taken at any construction site, ensuring that the site is level and at the precise elevations needed for the project. In the past, detailed topographic maps were created by hand to identify segments of the site and the elevation in each segment, but… Read More

5 Earthwork Services You Might Need

Every construction project, no matter how large or small, includes a long list of complicated tasks that must be completed. Outsourcing many of these jobs can save time and money, and here’s a quick look at some of the construction takeoff and earthwork services you might need. 1. Excavation When we talk about earthwork services,… Read More

3D Machine Control: 3 Factors To Consider

3D machine control files can increase productivity, accuracy and safety on a job site, not to mention reducing costs. While the construction industry is headed toward using machine control virtually 100% of the time, we aren’t at that level yet. As experts in building machine control files, we certainly encourage engineers to move toward this… Read More

Earthwork Takeoff Services: 5 Exciting Industry Trends

Recently, we were enjoying an issue of Civil & Structural Engineer and that got us thinking about some of the exciting trends in the construction industry and earthwork takeoff services. The industry is moving forward in leaps and bounds, and here’s a look at a few trends shaking the dust, so to speak. 1. Easier… Read More

AGTEK Software: A Program For Any Earthwork Task

When it comes to the construction industry, AGTEK has long been a leader in software development. We’ve been using AGTEK software to help with our dirt estimates since the 1980s, when using software was something new and cutting edge. AGTEK Software Options AGTEK is cloud-connected, which means you can use it in your office, on-site… Read More

Earthwork Calculations & The Construction Process

When we discuss earthwork calculations, we basically are talking about any type of “soil disturbance” in regard to a construction project. This could be virtually any type of construction, from the building of a new road to a housing tract to the construction of a skyscraper and even a mining operation. Of course, earthwork calculation… Read More

Yes! You Need A Construction Engineering Consultant

Hiring a construction engineering consultant or several consultants can be your smartest option for just about any construction project. At EarthCalc, our consultants can provide you with quality dirt estimates as well as machine control files, and there are several reasons why we urge you to consider our services. Save Time While you might possess… Read More

Excavation Software & Types Of Excavation

For some people, the word “excavation” conjures up images of Indiana Jones and archaeological digs. For those of us in the construction industry, the term encompasses a wide range of excavating tasks that might need to be accomplished for any given construction project. Here’s a quick look at some of the common types of excavation… Read More

Trimble Machine Control Files: 5 Helpful Facts

The advent of GPS guidance benefits a wide range of industries, including the construction and civil engineering industries. When it comes to moving dirt, GPS and products such as Trimble machine control files makes the process far easier thus ensuring the highest possible accuracy during excavation, grading, embankment and so forth. If you haven’t delved… Read More

Trimble Machine Control: 4 Reasons Why You Need It

Trimble machine control systems provide a myriad of benefits to anyone who uses earthwork machinery and, at EarthCalc, we can provide you with 3D files for your machine control-enable equipment. Not sure if machine control is worth the cost? Consider the following reasons why you need to consider this option. 1. Greater Accuracy & Consistency… Read More

Sitework Estimating: Working From The Ground Up

If you aren’t involved in the construction business, you probably haven’t given a great deal of thought as to what happens prior to the actual construction of any building, road, bridge or other construction project. Sitework and sitework estimating, however, is a crucial component of all construction projects and includes some of the following tasks…. Read More

Quantity Takeoff and Geotechnical Testing

The process of quantity takeoff is an immense undertaking. This term is a blanket statement that includes all of the measurements and calculations involved in the creation and, ultimately, the completion of any given construction project. Quantity takeoff includes all of the details, small and large, and tends to be the most time- consuming portion… Read More

GPS Machine Control: 5 Amazing Facts About GPS

In general, the Global Positioning System, or GPS, has greatly improved our world, improving navigation for individuals and the transportation industry. Within the construction industry, GPS machine control has made excavation and embankment easier and more efficient, but navigation and machine control aren’t the only uses for GPS. Here are a few fun facts about… Read More

Earthwork Takeoff: Some Blasts From The Past

Earthwork takeoff has always been a part of construction projects, but sometimes it’s fun to think about how early or even ancient engineers managed to handle these tasks without the highly precise software we use today. There’s a reason why the Pyramids of Giza are one of the wonders of the world, while the pyramid-shaped… Read More

Cut And Fill Calculations: A Quick Overview

In a perfect world, every inch within a plot of land would be the perfect elevation for a construction project. Of course, this is never the case, which is why cut and fill calculations are an essential step in the construction process. Here’s a general overview of cut and fill, and a few considerations engineers… Read More

Construction Takeoff: For Us, It’s All About The Dirt

Construction takeoff encompasses many aspects of a construction process, but at EarthCalc, we focus on the dirt. At EarthCalc, our goal is to provide you the most precise construction takeoff calculations possible. Whether you are grading land for a road, preparing a construction site for a new building or developing plans for a suburban park… Read More

Concrete Takeoff: A Quick Guide To The World Of Concrete

To those not familiar with the world of construction, the words “concrete takeoff” probably conjure an image of someone grinding away at a sidewalk with a jackhammer, to remove all evidence of said sidewalk. This, of course, is not what concrete takeoff is all about, so in order to “cement” your knowledge, we offer a… Read More

Carlson Takeoff: 5 Facts About Takeoff Software

At EarthCalc, we use many great software programs to help us with our dirt estimates and machine control files. This includes AGTEK and Trimble, of course, but also the Carlson family of software. Software such as Carlson Takeoff, Carlson Survey and Carlson Construction are invaluable tools for those of us in the construction business. Here’s… Read More

AGTEK: Simplifying Takeoff & Machine Control

Most people probably don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about dirt. However, civil engineers and grading contractors understand that how we handle dirt can make or break a project. At EarthCalc, we’ve been providing dirtwork services since 1983, and one of the top tools we use is AGTEK, the industry’s leading earthwork takeoff… Read More