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Site Work Estimating Software: Streamline Your Processes

Site work estimating software has been around for decades, but surprisingly there are still plenty of companies out there that are sticking with paper plans. Software can transform your entire construction process, and many of these estimating tasks can even be outsourced to further streamline your business model.

Advantages of Site Work Estimating Software

1. Save Time & Money

Creating pen and paper plans takes far more time than using site work estimating software. With automation, you also greatly improve accuracy, and we all know how expensive mistakes can be on any construction project.

2. Everything Is Cloud-Based

If you need to review paper plans, you have to head to the location where those plans our stored. With site work estimating software, everything can be stored securely in the cloud. You can pull up those plans at any time day or night, and from just about anywhere on earth, and this is a huge advantage over paper plans.

3. Make Changes In Real Time

If you need to make a change, you can plug in some numbers and the software can recalculate everything in a manner of seconds. Best of all, everyone on your team can see the changes in real time. You don’t have to wait for paper plans to be updated, it’s all there in the cloud.

Why Outsource Sitework Estimating?

Whether or not you use site work estimating software or not, outsourcing site work estimating tasks can make a lot of sense over keeping everything in-house for several reasons, including:

1. Outsourcers Are Experts
When you hire an outsourcer, you are choosing someone who probably has completed a specific site work estimation task hundreds of time. For instance, at EarthCalc, we’ve been completing dirt estimates for more than 35 years and have handled hundreds of large-scale projects around the globe. When you hire EarthCalc, you are hiring a team with decades of experience both with dirt estimates and with the use of site work estimating software.

2. Outsourcers Can Be Less Expensive
While you are paying an outsourcer for their services, this can be much less expensive than hiring a full-time employee to handle a specific estimating task. After all, with an employee, you are paying for salary, benefits, vacation time, training time and much more. With outsourcers, you can reduce your payroll and still ensure the quality of your construction projects.

3. Ensure Accuracy
Of course, because outsourcers are experts in their piece of the construction pie, this improves accuracy, but outsourcers aren’t just helpful during the bidding phase of a project. We often receive calls from clients that need us to double check dirt estimates for a particularly large or complex project. This is another way to utilize outsourcers.

How EarthCalc Can Help

If you need dirt estimates, you’ve definitely come to the right place. However, if you need a materials estimate or utilities estimates, we can help with that, as well. Additionally, we can create machine control files for your Trimble, Topcon or AGTEK machine control systems.

Send Us Work

We make it easy to get started with a new project. The first step is to click on the Send Us Work project on our homepage. If you want an upfront cost estimate, we can review the project quickly and provide you with a cost quote.

You can upload your CAD files or PDF files quickly and easily via our file transfer site or you can email files under 20MB or even send us a link to your FTP or file transfer site. If you are using files other than CAD or PDF, we still may be able to help as we can use many other types of files, so let us know what you have and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Since 1983, we’ve been helping global construction firms, civil engineers and contractors with dirt estimates, materials estimates, utilities estimates and machine control files. We are experts at using many different types of site work estimating software, so if you have a project, large or small, contact us at any time.