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Sitework Estimating: EarthCalc Can Help

Unless you work in the world of construction, engineering or surveying, it probably would surprise you to learn all that has to happen before we even begin the actual construction of a building, home, bridge or even a road. Sitework and sitework estimating is a huge part of any construction project and EarthCalc can help.

Site work and site work estimating can include a wide variety of tasks. For instance, one of the first tasks on any construction site will be to look at the geology and soil. It’s crucial to know what types of rock formations lay under a site as well as the type or types of soil on the site.

In some cases, the soil onsite isn’t suitable for the intended use of the property and the construction or engineering firm in charge of the project will have to bring in dirt. No matter what happens with the soil, cut and fill calculations will be need to be made as well as grading and excavation.

Of course, during the excavation process, dirt, rocks, trees, tree stumps and other materials will need to be moved and disposed of in some way. This is yet another consideration that will have to be addressed during the planning stages of the project.

Additionally there will be sitework and sitework estimating completed for tasks such as installing septic or sewer systems, the construction of retaining walls and to address issues such as sedimentation or erosion controls. We hear all the time from people who aren’t in the construction industry that are surprised at just how long it takes to even reach the point where the actual “building” begins and often how much faster this process seems to be in comparison with the early site work.

Outsourcing Sitework Estimating

While there are many tasks you can handle in-house, even large construction and engineering firms often outsource a portion of their earthworks and sitework. This just makes good financial sense. Outsourcers are experts in niche areas of construction; therefore you will be acquiring the best people to handle a given task. This ensures accuracy and we all know how costly mistakes can be in a construction project.

How EarthCalc Can Help

For more than 35 years, we’ve been helping civil engineers, construction engineers, architects and other construction professionals by providing the following services:

Dirt Estimates – When we talk about dishing up the dirt, we aren’t gossiping about the latest scandals in reality TV, we are talking about providing quality dirt estimates for our clients. The dirt estimates we provide are on-time and cost-effective and we can come in at any stage of your project.

For instance, civil engineers give us a call throughout the various stages of the design process. Some clients will call us in during the bidding process or perhaps the grading phase of a project. We also often are called in and used as a double check for large or complex projects.

Machine Control Files – If you aren’t using machine control yet, we highly recommend upgrading your equipment and heading into the machine control world. Machine control improves accuracy, speed and safety on any given job site, and we can build machine control files for your Trimble, Topcon or AGTEK machine control system.

We can provide our particular type of site work estimating services for any size project, and we’ve handled large-scale projects around the world. Some of our past jobs include the Pearl Harbor berths, the UFC headquarters and the Georgia State University football practice facility. If you need dirt estimates or machine control files for any size project, give us a call or click on the Send Us Work tab on our homepage.