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Earthwork Calculations & The Construction Process

When we discuss earthwork calculations, we basically are talking about any type of “soil disturbance” in regard to a construction project. This could be virtually any type of construction, from the building of a new road to a housing tract to the construction of a skyscraper and even a mining operation. Of course, earthwork calculation tasks are just one of many steps in a construction project.

The Concept

Every construction project, big or small, begins with an idea. Perhaps a city council decides a road needs widening, or a school district determines that a new school needs to be built to accommodate a growing population. A hotel chain might consider building a new property or a company might want to add on to its headquarters.

Once the concept or idea has been proposed, the next step is to determine whether or not the project is feasible. This, of course, leads to a feasibility study. This comprehensive study will include a wide range of details. Obviously, the proposed cost of a construction project is crucial, as well as determining if a specific site is able to accommodate the construction project. Additionally, a feasibility study includes information about the length of time a project will take to complete and, perhaps most importantly, an environmental impact report.

This report includes potential environmental impacts as well as methods that will be used to minimize the impact of the new construction. These reports are presented to city councils and other governing bodies before a project is approved, and include information about potential noise pollution, air pollution, traffic impact, impact to surrounding businesses and the impact the project may have on local flora and fauna. Environmental impact reports are shared with the public as well as public officials, so that citizens will have an opportunity to fully understand the scope of a construction project, ask questions or voice concerns. As earthwork calculation and dirt estimate experts, we often come in during this part of the process, to provide the dirt estimates that are part of the planning and bidding processes.

Earthwork Calculations: A Step In The Planning Process

There are many types of earthwork calculations, and our part is to provide you with dirt estimates as well as machine control files. Civil engineers often call us in during the planning stages, either to provide dirt estimates or to double check dirt estimates for quality control purposes.

Breaking Ground

Once a project has been thoroughly planned and approved by government officials, permits have been acquired and all of the necessary teams have been assembled, it’s time to break ground. This is a momentous day, as it can take many months or even years to move from concept to earthwork calculations to approval.

Throughout the construction process, there will be constant quality control by project managers to ensure that everything is going according to plan. While maintaining the timeline and staying within budget are a huge portion of project management, safety and quality are the most important factors. The team at EarthCalc can help during the grading phase to ensure that dirt estimates are correct, and we also can provide you with quality machine control files which further ensure that a project is completed to exact specifications.

Project Closeout

After the dust settles, so to speak, and every aspect of a project is complete, it’s time for the project closeout. If you’re not in the construction industry, closeout might not seem as important as aspects such as earthwork calculations, drainage, grading, electrical work and the actual building of a structure, but closeout is an essential step in any construction project.

Project closeout actually might occur at several times during the course of a project, as various projects are completed. This process allows you to review the work, ensuring that the project was completed properly, and it also helps prepare you for future projects by learning what worked well or perhaps not as well as expected. For instance, after earthwork calculations have been provided and all earthwork tasks are complete, you might undergo project closeout for this portion of the construction project before moving on to laying a foundation or another task.

At EarthCalc, we are happy to help with earthwork calculations for any size project. We can provide accurate, quality dirt estimates and machine control files and offer fast turnaround times. Typically, dirt estimates can be provided in just three days, depending on the size and scope of the project, and machine control files will take about five days to complete. We can accept a variety of file and plan formats, including 2D and 3D CAD, as well as PDF, TIFF, ASCI and hard copy plans. We’ve been providing companies around the world with quality dirt estimates since 1983 and look forward to helping you with the earthwork calculation phase of your project.