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AGTEK Software: A Program For Any Earthwork Task

When it comes to the construction industry, AGTEK has long been a leader in software development. We’ve been using AGTEK software to help with our dirt estimates since the 1980s, when using software was something new and cutting edge.

AGTEK Software Options

AGTEK is cloud-connected, which means you can use it in your office, on-site or anywhere else you need to be. AGTEK’s Earthwork 4D Suite includes software to help with every possible construction task you can imagine. For instance, with Underground 4D, you can provide estimates for storm, water and sewer utilities. With Sitework 4D, you quickly can create accurate quantity takeoffs, grading plans and 3D models.

AGTEK Mobile Apps

AGTEK also produces several handy mobile apps for smartphones and tables. SmartDirt, SmartTrack, SmartGrade and SmartBlade and SmartPlan are programs that you can take out into the field. If you wish to use these mobile apps, we recommend that you talk with the team at AGTEK to provide you and your staff with a quick training session. The apps can work with both android smartphones as well as iPhones.

Want another fun fact about AGTEK and AGTEK software? AGTEK, which is headquartered in Livermore, California, recently was acquired by the Swedish technology giant Hexagon AB. This company produces complex software for industrial metrology tasks and surveying tasks, among others, and now they can add AGTEK’s high-quality earthworks software to their list.

Whether you’re tasked with building a new road, constructing a stadium or planning a housing community or constructing a parking lot, AGTEK software can take you from planning to project completion. If you need someone with AGTEK experience, we’ve been using AGTEK, Trimble, Carlson and other top brands of earthwork takeoff software for more than 30 years. We can provide you with quality dirt estimates for any size construction project as well as providing you with machine control files.

Our Services

No matter how large or small your project might be, we can provide quality dirt estimates and at any stage of your project. Some clients have us come in during the bidding process, while others need us to double-check a large or particularly complex project. Because projects vary widely, we ask that you send us your files before we provide cost and time estimates. We’ll take a look at your plans and provide you with an accurate price and time estimate. It’s always our goal to provide the most cost-effective solution possible in the fastest possible turnaround time.

If you need machine control files, we can provide this service, as well. We can create machine control files for Topcon, Trimble and AGTEK software, and to get started, we’ll just need your approved plan in PDF format along with matching CAD files. As with dirt estimates, we strive to provide top-quality, affordable service in a timely manner. If you need rush service, this also may be available upon request. To get started, simply click on the Send Us Work tab, which is located on our homepage.