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Yes! You Need A Construction Engineering Consultant

Hiring a construction engineering consultant or several consultants can be your smartest option for just about any construction project. At EarthCalc, our consultants can provide you with quality dirt estimates as well as machine control files, and there are several reasons why we urge you to consider our services.

Save Time
While you might possess a certain set of skills, a construction engineering consultant can free up your time, allowing you to handle other crucial tasks. Additionally, using our services can be one of the best ways to ensure that your project is completed on time. At EarthCalc, our turnaround time for dirt estimates typically runs just three days, depending on the size and scope of the project. We also can build machine control files in about five days, again depending on the size of the project. Of course, if you need a project completed more quickly, rush services may be available upon request.

Save Money
While it might sound strange to think that spending money on an outsourcer actually will save you money, our services are more affordable than you might think. Keep in mind, using a top construction engineering consultant ensures that your project is completed exactly according to plan and we stand by our expertise. Mistakes not only cost you time, they can cost you a substantial amount of money.

Our cost-effective pricing for dirt estimates starts as low as $300, again depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our pricing for the development of machine control files starts at just $500. Compared to the cost of mistakes, our construction engineering consultant services are well worth the money.

Additionally, you will save your company the expense of keeping a dirt estimate specialist on your full-time staff. It’s simply far more economical to hire a consultant. If you have a dirt estimate specialist on staff, you’ll be paying that person even when you don’t need their services, so it just makes sense to outsource certain tasks and reduce your overall payroll.

Increase Accuracy
As a construction engineering consultant, we often are hired because a civil engineer or contractor does not have anyone on their team that is skilled with dirt estimates or machine control files. The team at EarthCalc has 35+ years of experience and has provided quality dirt estimates and machine control for projects around the world.

We can come in at any stage of the process, from design to bidding to grading and so forth. Many of our clients also call us in to simply doublecheck dirt estimates for very large or very complex projects. Even if you have people on your team able to provide dirt estimates, it can be wise to hire us and ensure that your plans are 100% accurate. Our dirt estimate and machine control experts use the latest software programs from Carlson, Topcon, AGTEK and Trimble to create precise dirt estimates.

Contact Us Today
Since 1983, the team at EarthCalc has been serving as a construction engineering consultant for companies and engineers that need dirt estimates or machine control files. We’ve handled projects all over the globe, and no job is too big or too small for our team. You can send us files or plans in just about any format, including CAD, PDF, TIFF, ASCI, hard copy plans and so on. It takes just minutes to submit a plan via our website or you can contact a project coordinator at (800) 765-1717 or at