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AGTEK: Simplifying Takeoff & Machine Control

Most people probably don’t spend a great deal of time thinking about dirt. However, civil engineers and grading contractors understand that how we handle dirt can make or break a project. At EarthCalc, we’ve been providing dirtwork services since 1983, and one of the top tools we use is AGTEK, the industry’s leading earthwork takeoff software.

With AGTEK, we are able to provide a myriad of services for clients, including takeoff services, project modeling and field control. The AGTEK Earthwork 4D Suite is the industry’s most advanced construction software. Connected to the cloud, we can use this AGTEK software virtually anywhere on the planet, providing ultimate flexibility. Whether you are in your office or using your mobile phone in the field, you can access your data.

With tools such as AGTEK, we can provide our clients with a wide range of services. For instance, if you are an engineer tasked with roadway construction, we can calculate the earthwork volume for cuts and fills, compaction & expansion, stripping, demolition and over-excavation, to name a few.

We also can help calculate volumes for all types of residential dwellings, from single-family and multi-family subdivisions and planned communities to amenities such as parks and nature trails. We’ve provided precise calculations for commercial endeavors such as the construction of schools, industrial sites, large business complexes, stadiums and even golf courses. Our dirt estimate services typically can be completed within three days, depending on the size and scope of your project. Rush services also may be available upon request, if you need a job completed more quickly. We can receive plans and files in a myriad of formats, including CAD (2D & 3D), PDF, TIFF and ASCI. We also can work with hard copy plans.

Of course, we also provide clients with machine control files, and AGTEK is on the cutting edge of this process. In 2016, for example, John Deere and AGTEK formed a partnership to make date integration between earth-moving equipment and 3D modeling software as seamless as possible. With AGTEK, we can create the 3D files for your machine control-enabled equipment, and you can move dirt with complete confidence.

If you aren’t using John Deere equipment, this is not an issue, as we can create 3D files for any make or model of machine-controlled equipment. When it comes to machine control jobs as well as our dirt estimation services, we can work with just about any type of information, including PDF, TIFF, ASCI, CAD (2D & 3D) and hard copy plans. As always, we offer fast turnaround, and it takes us about five days to complete a machine control job, depending upon the size and the complexity of the project. In addition to AGTEK, we can create files for all major machine control systems, including Trimble and Topcon.

If you need dirt estimates or machine control services, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We provide services to civil engineers and grading contractors throughout the United States but can provide services just about anywhere on earth. To get started, you can contact us via email or at (800) 765-1717. You also can simply click on the Send Us Work tab on our homepage, fill out some pertinent information about the job you need, and we can get started from there.