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Carlson Takeoff: 5 Facts About Takeoff Software

At EarthCalc, we use many great software programs to help us with our dirt estimates and machine control files. This includes AGTEK and Trimble, of course, but also the Carlson family of software. Software such as Carlson Takeoff, Carlson Survey and Carlson Construction are invaluable tools for those of us in the construction business. Here’s a quick look at takeoff and construction software and what it offers to our industry.

1. Takeoff Software Took Off In The 1980s

Before about 1980, software such as AGTEK’s Earthwork 4D, Carlson Survey or Carlson Takeoff simply weren’t available. Keep in mind that home computers weren’t even available until the late 1970s, so it’s no wonder that surveyors, civil engineers, grading contractors and other professionals didn’t have access to sophisticated takeoff software. Carlson was established the same year as our company, way back in 1983, and we quickly understood the benefits of using software from Carlson, Trimble and AGTEK.

2. Software Training Is Intense

While software such as Carlson Takeoff or Carlson Survey certainly have improved the construction industry and simplified the process of takeoff in general, learning how to use these programs takes some time and plenty of training. Companies such as AGTEK, Carlson and Trimble offer an assortment of training classes every year, and at EarthCalc, we’ve been around just as long as these software programs, so we have more than 30 years of experience using these products.

3. Computers Don’t Replace Expertise

While programs such as Carlson Takeoff, AGTEK Earthwork 4D and Carlson Survey are certainly helpful, they don’t replace expertise. If the person using the software doesn’t have the training and skills needed to complete tasks such as dirt estimates or the creation of machine control files, then no software on earth can make up for that deficit. This is why it’s crucial for contractors and engineers to select the best possible companies when outsourcing these tasks. Of course, we certainly consider ourselves to be at the top of the list when it comes to dirt estimates, providing our clients with quality services as quickly as possible.

4. Software Can Be Used At Any Stage Of Your Project

Our clients contact us at many stages during a project. Sometimes we are called in during the bidding process, sometimes during the design process. At other times, our clients call us in during the grading phase of a project or perhaps use our services to double check their own work on a large or very complex project. At any step of the process, we can use our expertise and software such as Carlson Takeoff or AGTEK Earthwork 4D to complete your project in a timely manner.

5. We Can Use Many Plan Formats

Some people mistakenly believe that companies such as EarthCalc are only able to handle certain types of files or plans. While we can’t speak for other companies, we can handle just about any format, and this includes 2D and 3D CAD files, as well as PDFs, TIFF, ASCI and more. We can even use hard copy plans, and you can either upload your files directly from the website or mail us hard copies.

Once we understand the scope of your project, we will determine which type of takeoff software best suits your unique project. However, whether we use Carlson Takeoff, AGTEK or Trimble software, we guarantee that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Our typical turnaround for a project is about 3 days, depending on the project’s complexity, but expedited services may be available if needed.