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The Advantages Of Cut And Fill Software

The cut and fill process typically is one of the first steps taken at any construction site, ensuring that the site is level and at the precise elevations needed for the project. In the past, detailed topographic maps were created by hand to identify segments of the site and the elevation in each segment, but today we use cut and fill software, which has many advantages over the old method.

1. Using Cut & Fill Software Is The Most Accurate Option

Cut and fill software is highly accurate, definitely more so that completing cut and fill calculations and cut and fill mapping by hand. With more accurate mapping, you are less likely to encounter mistakes during the construction process and mistakes are costly. Using cut and fill software is the best way to ensure that your maps are as flawless as possible.

2. Cut & Fill Software Improves Cost Estimates

When you know precisely how much dirt will be cut and precisely how much fill you will need, you will be able to create more accurate cost estimates. Unexpected costs can cause huge headaches and even sideline a project, but using cut & fill software can ensure that your estimates are as accurate as possible.

3. Cut & Fill Software Saves Time

This harkens back to the point about mistakes. When you use cut and fill software, the cut amounts and fill amounts are highly accurate, which means you won’t have to go back and make adjustments. Using cut and fill software in conjunction with machine control files also increases the accuracy of cut and fill operations.

If you aren’t using machine control files, we highly recommend that you make the switch, as this ultimately saves tons of time, reduces the likelihood to mistakes to practically zero and even increases safety, as you simply don’t need to have as many employees on site.

If you opt to use cut and fill software, it is crucial that your team undergo some training. This type of software has been a boon to the construction industry, but the software truly is only as good as the person using it. In many cases, outsourcing your cut and fill calculations can be a smart move, especially if your team is not yet trained. Additionally, even if you are an expert with cut and fill software, it can be smart to hire an outsourcer to double-check your work, especially if you are working on a very complex project.

At EarthCalc, creating dirt estimates and machine control files is our bread and butter and we were one of the first companies to use construction software, way back in the 1980s. For your projects, we use construction or cut and fill software created by Carlson, AGTEK, Trimble and other industry leaders. We can take CAD files, PDF files and other file formats and quickly provide you with accurate dirt estimates, materials estimates and machine control files. You can upload a project directly to our website or give us a call at any time.