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EarthCalc: Simplifying Quantity Takeoff

There’s no getting around that fact that quantity takeoff is perhaps the most time-consuming component of any construction project. During this process, every aspect of a project is considered and detailed estimates are created. This includes materials estimates, as well as cost estimates.

The quantity takeoff process can be easier and faster with the use of qualified outsourcers. Using experts in one or more aspect of quantity takeoffs can streamline the entire process and there are companies skilled in virtually every aspect of quantity takeoff. These experts can be a boon to contractors that do not have estimators on staff or they can be used to double-check estimates for large and complex projects. Here’s a quick look at some commonly outsourced quantity takeoff jobs.

Earthwork Takeoff

This is a huge slice of the construction pie, including the many different types of excavation that may be needed on a given construction site. This ranges from topsoil excavation, rock removal, much excavation as well as all your cut and fill tasks. This also can include removing items such as trees and shrubs if any are present and in the way.

Dirt Estimates

This is one of our particular niches, and one that we’ve been handling for more than 35 years. For dirt estimates, we can come in at any stage of a project. Whether you need us to come in during the bidding process or perhaps the grading process, we are ready to help. We often are called in to double-check dirt estimates on complex projects or to provide services for companies without on-site dirt estimators.

Our goal is to provide you with top-quality and cost-effective dirt estimates in as timely a manner as possible. In some cases, we can provide you with rush services. Just let us know the date by which you need your estimates, and we will do all we can to make it work. Typically, we receive CAD files and PDF files from our clients, but we can work with many other file types.

Concrete & Masonry Estimation

The substructure of any building includes many different components, including the aforementioned excavation tasks, as well as tasks such as the laying of a concrete foundation and a variety of masonry tasks. An outsourcer can provide you with detailed information about the type and amount of concrete needed, as well as estimating the cost of all concrete-related work.

Lumber Estimates

While most laypeople associate lumber with the construction of houses, we in the construction industry understand that most commercial and civil projects both require the use of lumber. Whether it’s for bracing, lagging, cribbing or something else, lumber is essential and an outsourcer can look at your plans and determine the amount and type of lumber needed, as well as the estimated costs.

Electrical Estimates

The electrical system for a basic home is complicated enough, but imagine all of the necessary electrical components for a commercial building or a new school or a hospital. This is a huge part of quantity takeoff, determining everything from the number of outlets to the installation of fire alarms and emergency lighting.

That’s a quick look at some types of quantity take off tasks that you can outsource, which can be a time-saving and cost-effective way to launch a construction project or secure a bid. Hiring an expert in any given field can be one of the best ways to ensure that every aspect of your construction plans are accurate and complete. These days, all of these outsourcers use specialized software to create their estimates, which lessens the likelihood of errors and ensures that your estimates and costs are as accurate as possible.

At EarthCalc, not only can we provide you with accurate dirt estimates as part of quantity takeoff, we also can provide you with machine control files. Machine control files can reduce the overall time it takes to complete your construction project, as well as ensuring that no mistakes are made during the excavation, embankment and grading phases of construction.